Entire Raptor Lake Mobile HX lineup leaked, top-tier i9-13900HX goes up to 24 cores/32 threads

In continuation of our previous reviews of the Raptor Lake HX , we now have more information about this lineup. Today’s leak comes from OneRaichu , who shared some of the SKUs along with their clocks and core counts in a tweet. So far, we’ve only seen the i9-13900HX and i7-13700HX .

Raptor Lake HX Series

The 13th generation HX mobile series, like its predecessors, will use Raptor Lake desktop crystals for a significant performance boost. As with the desktop segment, we expect TDP values ​​to remain the same. Now let’s go over today’s leak.

OneRaichu allegedly leaked the entire 13th Gen HX lineup because even Alder Lake couldn’t beat the i5-XX450HX . These processors offer significant improvements over the previous generation with more cores and higher frequencies.

The flagship i9-13900HX has a 24 -core ( 8P+16E ) configuration, as opposed to the 12950HX ‘s 16-core model . Similarly, we see a 400 MHz increase in maximum clock speeds.

Moving on to the i7 family, the top-tier i7-13700HX is a 16-core processor (8P+8E) with a maximum clock speed of 5.0GHz . This is still 200MHz faster than the Alder Lake i7-12850HX .

After that we have i7-13650HX and i5-13500HX with 14 core design. The former has a slightly higher clock speed and the latter has 2 extra cores and higher clocks.

Last but not least, the i5-13450HX offers 2 more cores than the i5-12450HX . Clock speeds have also been bumped up to 4.6GHz , making laptops with this processor a great buy if the TDP is somewhat moderate.

release date

Intel plans to introduce Raptor Lake mobile processors by the end of this year. The HX line almost launched later than the base variants, so a release date is possible sometime in the first half of 2023 .

CPU Cores/Threads Estimated power Base clock Maximum frequency
i9-13900HX 24/32 (8P + 16V) 55W/157W 3.9 GHz 5.4 GHz
i7-13700HX 16/24 (8P + 8E) 55W/157W 3.7 GHz 5.0 GHz
i7-13650HX 14/20 (6P + 8V) ? 3.6 GHz 4.9 GHz
i5-13600HX 14/20 (6P + 8V) ? ? ?
i5-13500HX 14/20 (6P + 8V) ? 3.5 GHz 4.7 GHz
i5-13450HX 10/20 (6P + 4E) ? 3.4 GHz 4.6 GHz
i9-13900HK 14/20 45W/115W 2.6GHz 5.4 GHz
i7-13700H 14/20 45W/115W 2.4 GHz 5.0 GHz
i7-13620H ?/? ?/? ? ?
i5-13420H ?/? ?/? ? ?

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