Plague Tale Requiem to feature DLSS and ray tracing, new video with real game scenes

NVIDIA, Asobo Studio, and Focus Entertainment have confirmed that A Plague Tale Requiem, the second installment of one of 2019’s breakthrough games, will make a major technical leap with the addition of ray tracing and DLSS.

As regular readers will know, ray tracing allows for very realistic lighting, shadows, caustics and reflections, while DLSS uses artificial intelligence to reconstruct the image and scale from lower resolution to higher resolution, thereby improving performance without noticeable loss in quality. Sharpness.

Today, starting at 18:00, new content from A Plague Tale Requiem will be offered live with scenes from real gameplay, which means we can see live what this new game looks like. You can follow this through the video you will find at the end of this article.

Possible requirements and release date for A Plague Tale Requiem

The requirements have yet to be revealed, but seeing the leap it has made on a technical level compared to the original, it is clear that it will be more demanding. Overall, starting with a high IPC quad-core, eight-thread CPU, 16GB of RAM and a GeForce RTX 2060 or GeForce RTX 3050, we should be able to play smoothly, with active ray tracing and DLSS.

A Plague Tale Requiem has a release date set for this year and it will release on PC, Xbox Series XS, and PS5. Indeed, it will be exclusive to the new generation, which is also important for better contextualization of the leap it will represent at a technical level. We can now wishlist it via Steam .

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