Battlefield 2042 has a shield that will teleport. All it takes is a few easy steps

Battlefield 2042 joined many other products that had a lot of issues on release day. This time, players discovered a bug that could literally help some people in the game.

It turns out that the shield not only protects against damage, but also can. .. teleport the player.

Another bizarre bug in Battlefield 2042

The latest version of Battlefield was unexpectedly joined by “many fallen” games that had huge potential. Their premiere not only sparked controversy. It even caused players to discriminate against both the game and the developer.

BF2042 has a ton of more or less bizarre bugs and problems. Now attentive players who always stick their nose into the game so as not to report another crash. It turns out that the Dozer operator has a shield and … the ability to teleport.

Just look at the video below to quickly see what’s going on. A player who shared the video on Reddit used a well-known exploit from various games. Standing in a certain place in the corner of the wall and changing the graphic settings, the player’s character is teleported to the other side of the building. Until now, this method has been used mainly by speedrunners, who, thus, could bypass most levels.

In Battlefield 2042, however, the key is a shield that must be equipped and covered with it, so the “teleport” technique seems to be only available to that operator. Suffice it to say that such a mistake can significantly help some players – this means that we can get out of a building under fire faster, avoid an enemy unit, or simply move faster across the map.