Build 25174 leak suggests Windows 11 Shut Down may be undergoing an overhaul

Earlier today, Microsoft released the latest Dev Channel Build 25174 to Windows 11 Insiders. The build contains several bug fixes, as well as some File Explorer improvements and more. Details can be found here.

However, there are other changes that are usually present under the hood but are not disclosed in the release notes. The same is true for build 25174. It appears that Twitter user and whistleblower Xeno has discovered that the PC-like icon is missing from the Shutdown menu.

Here’s what the Shut Down dialog looks like in previous Windows 11 Dev Channel builds:

Microsoft improves Windows 11 shutdown screen with modern icons and actions

And here is what it looks like in build 25174, where there is no icon:

Missing icon logos in Windows 11 Build 25174 closed

Upon further digging with the Windows Resource Editor, Hacker Xeno discovered that the “Icon” and “Icon Group” folders were missing from the “shutdownux” DLL.

While this could just be a bug in a build that Microsoft didn’t check in during internal testing, it could also mean that Windows 11’s shutdown icons could finally be updated and redesigned.

In the earlier Dev 25115 build, Microsoft already made some minor changes to the Shutdown menu. And now the pilots of the Dev Channel can expect more serious changes.

Source and images: Xeno ( Twitter )

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