Ukrainians are turning more and more Russian technology into a pile of scrap metal. See spectacular aimed fire

Another accurate fire deprives the Russians of any military equipment

The latest entry published by the Ukrainian army comes from the Kharkiv region, or rather, from the vicinity of Izyum, where the military of the Russian Federation is permanently deployed. One of the camps, where the aggressor had accumulated a significant amount of equipment, was recently shelled by the Ukrainian army .


There is a lot of damage and the Russians are constantly losing equipment

According to the Ukrainian army, a “significant number” of military vehicles belonging to Russian troops were damaged by a fire in Izyum. Among the destroyed equipment, Ukrainians name 12 tanks, 8 armored vehicles and about 36 vehicles . Repair equipment was also damaged.

Although the Russians do not remain in debt and wage a brutal war (attacking, for example, a civilian building of a cultural center), the Ukrainians have recently boasted of many successful attacks on enemy bases, as well as transports with fuel and ammunition.

Source: Sun

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