The Japanese retailer has a PS5 reseller path. Collectors won’t like it

More than a year after the PS5 premiered, the availability of this hardware is still variable, if not “poor.” However, there are places in the world where sellers have to resort to really radical methods.

The Japanese chain of stores GEO, due to the small number of available consoles, sells them in the form of a lottery system. Potential buyers register through the raffle app, and the lucky ones can buy a new slot machine , BP said. However, there is one catch.

In the aforementioned app, before making a purchase decision, it should be noted that the buyer agrees to open the PS5 packaging and draw an “X” on the box with the DualSense controller. This should act as a deterrent to the console’s eventual overpricing.

The unboxing of the console, as well as the “disgust” for the box, will also displease the other two groups of recipients. In addition to the resellers themselves, who sell at inflated prices, collectors are bound to suffer. You want the original packaging to be in the best possible condition.

The second such community might be players who want to sell their console sometime in the future. In the end, a large black X can scare off a potential stakeholder. Fortunately, there are those who will not be bothered by this at all.