Sony has a problem too. PlayStation sues former employee

Work culture in various corporations and companies has been talked about more and more for a long time. Now the problematic situation with the PlayStation.

Literally a few moments after the new disclosures in the Activision Blizzard case on PS, they also filed a lawsuit.

PlayStation filed a lawsuit

Recently, more and more people are talking about what it is like to work in various large companies. Sometimes, unfortunately, it happens that senior employees take illegal actions against their subordinates.

A prime example is Activision Blizzard. Not only was the company involved in harassment and mobbing, the president needed to be aware of anything that could lead to his dismissal. The largest companies cooperating with the publisher – Sony and Microsoft – spoke about this case. Sony is now under fire.

The former PlayStation employee allowed the company to discriminate on the basis of gender and for unfair dismissal. Emma Mayo, a former IT security analyst, believes the corporation has committed outrageous acts against other women as well.

Sony discriminates against female workers, including those who identify as women, in terms of pay and promotion, and subordinates them to a male-dominated work culture.

Emma Mayo lawsuit

Emma Mayo lawsuit

The woman claims that her manager did not listen to her comments and did not pay attention to her promotion in the company. She was allegedly fired after she commented on the matter. The company defends itself by claiming that it was actually fired because its entire department was shut down. Interestingly, according to Mayo, she never worked in this team.