He has over 2,700 boxes of Xbox 360 games sold exclusively by Burger King at his home.

One of the players decided on a very strange collection. In one of his rooms, he keeps 2,706 copies of Burger King’s Xbox 360 game Sneak King.

I always knew that something was wrong with these speculators …

Burger, stealth and Xbox 360 lover

I think you’re on a date. The conversation turned into a very “delicate” track, and you admit to yourself that it is strange for you. “I love the Star Wars costumes” is one of those things that you expect to hear. Instead, the words “I have 2706 boxes of Burger King games in my room.” Keep the change.

Indeed, the entire Reddit is delighted with one of the netizens nomercyvideo, who posted meaningful photos on the site . He revealed that one of the rooms in the house was almost entirely dedicated to storing the many boxes of Sneak King. In 2006, Burger King created a niche for the Xbox 360 to market itself to gamers.

But why? Why did the player choose such an unusual hobby that is unlikely to bring him a profit? Well, for fun. The internet user also hopes that games will someday become popular collectibles, but the chances are slim. The cost of production currently ranges from. .. $ 0.99 to $ 5.99 per piece.

Given the unmerciful video explanation of why (collects these games – ed.) – “because it’s fun”, I just imagine him lying on the couch at the end of a long day with a glass of whiskey in his hand, looking at his shot of Sneak King and just laughing. Every day. Forever and ever.

white collar bomb13

Everyone has a hobby, but this is very strange. I have to admit that the photos show that the player collects a lot of things, so maybe through a certain activity he will become rich someday.