This CJ cosplay from GTA San Andreas has over 11,000 likes

Cosplay may surprise you more than once, and this is exactly what happened when I first saw the work of a certain player. I must admit that CJ from GTA San Andreas was perfectly recreated by him.

The work below has garnered over 11,600 likes since yesterday on Reddit, and that should be proof of something. It was posted by tyrin1515, who also decided to appear in one of the TikTokóws as CJ. What is what, but you can’t deny him a sense of humor.

It’s hard not to notice the attention to detail. Tight white jersey? Is an. Jeans? Of course. Does the underwear protrude above the belt? And so it was. Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas. Take a look at the above video:

Redditor takes a big advantage from me because he made the most of what he could do with his cosplay. While this one isn’t the most expensive and time consuming, it does a great job of showing how you can create something really fun with little effort.

The topic of recreating pop culture characters is often discussed on the pages of Planet Gamer. One such slightly funnier example is Nintendo fan clothes disguised as a working Game Boy.