TUF Gaming: ATX 3.0 Compatible PSU Series

Asus launches a new generation of TUF Gaming PSUs. New series from 750W to 1200W with ATX 3.0 compatibility… And the famous 12VHPWR connector!

TUF Gaming: New PCIe 5.0 Compatible PSUs!

All in all, we know pretty much everything there is to know about this new series. Thus, we know that four blocks are planned. So, we start with a 750W model, then gradually increase: 850W, 1000W and 1200W.

Internal cooling is known to be provided by a 135mm AxialTech fan. However, we have no idea in which mode it works: active or semi-passive. However, the operation is declared silent.

Similarly, we learn that there is a protective layer on the PCB. The goal is to protect the circuit board of the unit from moisture and dust in order to prolong its life.

Finally, we will keep the fully modular cable management. But first of all, we will remember the presence of a 12 + 4-pin connector called “12VHPWR”. Thus, we can safely power the RTX 4000 with these blocks.

It remains only to find out the sale price. In addition, we will be protected for a long time, since each unit has a 10-year warranty!

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