TSMC to use 3nm manufacturing at its second Arizona plant

The new plant, which Taiwanese chip maker TSMC is building in the US state of Arizona , will produce chips using advanced 3nm technology. The company acknowledged the plans but added that they were not yet fully developed, Reuters reported . Morris Chang , founder of the company, said on Monday :

Three nanometers, TSMC has a plan right now, but it’s not fully completed yet,” Chang said […] “It’s almost completed – at the same plant in Arizona, second phase. Five nanometers is the first phase, 3 nanometers is the second.”

As previously stated, this does not mean the business will manufacture A -series and M -series chips in the US, as its Arizona manufacturing facility still lags behind those located in its native Taiwan . According to a recent study, these businesses may produce less innovative processors for Apple products, although this will only be done for public relations purposes.

TSMC decides to build a second $12 billion plant in Arizona amid rising demand

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced the construction of a $12 billion chip manufacturing plant in Arizona back in 2020 . Construction of the main chip manufacturing plant was completed in August and production is expected to start in 2024 .

Whether the plant will produce Apple chips is still a mystery. Apple aggressively fought for subsidies for the facility, indicating that it was the target, while TSMC made only a few comments that seemed to imply that the plant would be for 5nm chips. This will eliminate it from consideration for any future Apple processors, as Apple is expected to move to 3nm technology a year before the plant is scheduled to open.


While Apple and TSMC may have moved to 2nm processes by the time the facility opened due to long commissioning periods for new factories, the fact that it is prepared for the most advanced technologies indicates that the goal is to keep Arizona up to date with the latest chip advances. The future of Apple chip manufacturing in Arizona seems more likely than not, given Taiwan’s murky political future and the PR points that Apple will get for chip manufacturing in the US.

The M2 chip, in the form of variations of the M2 Pro and M2 Max for future MacBook Pro models, is expected to be the first to be improved to 3nm. The 48-core M2 Extreme processor with 160-core GPU is expected to be included in the all-new Mac Pro. The 3nm technology used for the A17 processor in the iPhone 15 is considered the next step for the iPhone.

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