Tom Holland in training for Uncharted. Unusual acting motivation

While filming Uncharted was exhausting for Tom Holland, he found additional motivation to practice. It was … Mark Wahlberg.

The young actor already has several serious roles. He’s the current Spider-Man, after all, he apparently dreams of becoming a Bond, and now he can also add to his resume the role of Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of the game series. However, it cannot be denied that his role in Uncharted requires slightly better physical conditions than in the case of Spider-Man, filled with special effects. It turns out that the actor was inspired by his colleague Mark Wahlberg, who plays Sally here:

“I saw him in a suit on set and I thought, ‘Shit, he’s double my size.’ We had a five month break during quarantine and I just ate and exercised over and over. When I got back to the set, the first thing [Wahlberg] told me was, “Wow, somebody was training here.”

– said Tom Holland in an interview with GQ.

Uncharted will hit theaters next February. In addition to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, we will see Sophia Ali, Tati Gabriel and Antonio Banderas, among others.