The Latest Bitmoji on Always-on Display in OnePlus devices [How to add]

All companies try to differentiate their phones from others in the market, but few succeed. OnePlus is one of the successful companies. Because it always gives some special features to its phones.

As you all know the OnePlus Open Beta program has been always quite popular in the OnePlus community and If you’re using a OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, or 8T, the OxygenOS 11 open beta program. Then the new software is now available for all three phones, complete with lots of bug fixes and surprising changes to the always-on display All of these builds are based on Android 11.

The biggest highlight of the new beta update is the new Bitmoji AOD feature which allows users to add a personal Bitmoji avatar to their Always-On ambient display with various poses throughout the day it will update its behavior based on your activity and what’s happening around you. From listening to music, playing games, or hanging out with friends on a sunny day, the Bitmoji AOD creatively captures your life. Read more OnePlus Orbit update v1.1.0 – Check New Features

OnePlus and Snapchat have partnered for making this possible. For this users have to log in with their  Bitmoji account in the ambient display settings to get the feature up and running.

How to add Bitmoji on Always-on Display

  • Open the Settings App
  • Now go into Customization
  • Tap on Clock on ambient display
  • Now select Bitmoji 

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