The Last of Us Part II as FPS. A fan created a brilliant trailer

A fan played the trailer for The Last of Us Part II as if it were to be an extremely addictive first person shooter. Admittedly, the short video is impressive.

You would like to play Naughty Dog, which is a first person shooter. ..

If The Last of Us Part II were a first person shooter

Sometimes I wonder how many fantastic positions we could get from Naughty Dog if the studio also made FPP games. Of course, I’m not saying that TLoU or Uncharted are bad on the TPP side, but this is the first person who can deepen the immersion even further, which is not in the games from this developer. While the creators have repeatedly stated that they would like to take a different camera, we have no specific official information on this.

However, if you also want to test how TLoU II will perform as an FPS – we have something for you. One of the fans of the production took advantage of the mod and created a first-person trailer for the game. Interestingly, the camera is not “attached” to one character, but dynamically switches between them. This made us a really fantastic movie full of many different shots.

It is also worth noting that if you get the impression “I saw it somewhere,” you are right. This is all a near-perfect representation of the 2020 “story trailer”. Below you will find the original.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Naughty Dog asks this creator to collect trailers for them. The author clearly “knows how to assemble” and thanks to this, even a fairly static FPP camera seems to be an extremely dynamic and varied tool.