The DioField Chronicle – All strengths and weaknesses of units

The DioField Chronicle can have a variety of characters that you can shuffle around, but ultimately they all fall into one of four unit types: Soldier, Cavalier, Marksman, and Mage. A character’s unit type determines their fighting style, so they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s everything you need to know about unit types if you want to make the most of everyone in combat.

How good is each unit type in The DioField Chronicle?

Unit types can be more simply classified as follows:

Of these three, Cavaliers, Sharpshooters, and Mages have obvious strengths and weaknesses.


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Cavaliers are highly mobile, but have lower overall stats compared to their soldier counterparts. They are best used for gathering orbs, laying siege to bases, and providing urgent support to a group that needs them. As units that will be alone at critical moments, equip them with armor to increase their survivability.


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Snipers are weak, but can shoot enemies from afar. If you need to shoot an explosive barrel, you will need a Sniper for this. Their role is usually for you to deal extra damage, but you can also give them a status weapon for extra support.


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Mages are the only units that can use spells – be it for offense or support. Attack mages are destructive but weak. Likewise, healers, ailment casters, and other auxiliary-type mages can provide whatever assistance is needed from a distance. They are still weak, but a little more robust than the offensive mages.

Pay attention to the stats of your mages – if their attack stat is high enough, like Waltaquin’s, it’s an offensive unit. Otherwise, their role is support.

Magicians are best placed not at the back, but in the middle of your formation. This is because they have many area-wide spells such as Regen. Then, in order for them to be protected during the casting of the spell, your other units must surround them.


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Each Soldier has their own strengths and weaknesses. Soldiers are the ones who can support the strengths and cover the weaknesses of your Cavaliers, Snipers and Mages.

The fighting style of a soldier depends on their general characteristics and preferred weapons. For example, Andrias, who wields a dagger, is fast and has skills with minimal cooldowns. The flip side of this is that if he deals the most damage to an enemy, there is a good chance that he will become their main attack target as well. However, his defense is not strong enough for that.

Meanwhile, Izelye, who uses a sword and shield, is more like a tank. She has weak offensive stats, but she can probably taunt three enemies, get attacked, and stay on her feet. Treat all your Soldiers as another “type” of units.

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