The DioField Chronicle – Best Characters and Tier List

The DioField Chronicle – Best Characters and Tier List

DioField Chronicle is a strategy RPG that aims to test the abilities of players. With very limited resources and no experience sharing mechanics, you are forced to use only your best teams for each mission. To help you plan better, below are the best characters to use in The DioField Chronicle.


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There’s no doubt about it – Andrias, the mysterious protagonist of The DioField Chronicle, is the best damage dealer you can control in the game. With a naturally high attack stat and unique Assassinate ambush dagger skill, Andrias can take out most of your enemies in one hit. Give him necklaces to maximize the effectiveness of his skills.


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Umarida is Andrias’ opponent when it comes to ambushes, though she needs a lot of investment to use her in a similar way.

Buy a dragon claw bracelet at the fifth level of the store to increase her critical strike chance to 100%. When the Critical Damage Buff, Skill Damage Buff, and Vehicle Buff are unlocked, she can destroy hordes of enemies (from behind) with a single hit. If she shoots from the front, it will also deal significant damage.


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Waltkin’s greatest strength lies in her versatility as a wizard. With skills like Skill Damage Boost and Aggressive EP, Waltkin can deal some serious damage and never run out of EP.

Even if she is not equipped with a staff with Rapid Healing, she can play the role of a healer with Circle of Healing. Once you have enough AP, you can even increase the effectiveness of this skill by unlocking an extended effect.


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Taunt is an extremely important skill that allows you to distract the enemy’s attention from units you don’t want to harm. With abilities like Auto Attack Defense Boost and Raw Health, Yzayr is the unit that can last the longest by taunting the enemy. She will also rarely need treatment.

Iseler is also one of only two people who can wield a sword and shield that has the Round Slash skill. Roundhouse Slash has decent range, high taunt chance, and low EP cost. The other is Katherine, who is better suited to attack.


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Castevere is a great cavalry unit with more ability called Cassanova. While he is paired with a woman, all of Castevere’s stats will be increased by 20. He can be supported by the likes of Rickenbuck if you need a stun dealer, or Iselair if you need a provocateur. Just put good boots and a helmet on him so he doesn’t take too much damage in disadvantageous positions like when there is an archer nearby.

Other Great Characters in The DioField Chronicle

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  • Hezeliah: While most cards don’t require a special healer, Hezeliah is your best bet if you need one. She has the defense to survive and the appropriate abilities to boost her healing power.
  • Iskarion: Iskarion is an unsupervised marksman. He has all the abilities and attack stats needed to deal high damage from auto attacks. You can focus on your other units and just ask him to support the team from the background.

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