USB-C iPhone testing continues. Check When Apple Gets Rid Of The Lightning Port

iPhone with USB-C – when?

According to Mark Gurman, author of the aforementioned article, iPhones with USB-C won’t arrive until 2023, which means this year’s models will still feature a Lightning port.

It is worth adding that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published similar information at the beginning of the week. According to him, the port will also be changed only in the case of next year’s models.


New radio directive

Recall that last year work was announced on an amendment to the so-called EU radio directive. The new rules will force electronics manufacturers (not just smartphones) to use one port standard – USB-C. The exception will be devices that can be charged wirelessly. In their case, there is no need to retrofit them with this port.

At the moment, it is not known which path Apple will take. The company may decide to make global changes or develop a European version of its smartphones. For now, devices with a Lightning port can still be sold in other countries.

Accessories and adapters

Gurman adds that Apple is also testing an adapter that will allow the iPhone and other devices from the company to work with accessories that have a Lightning port.


It is likely that such an adapter will be sold separately and Apple will do good business on it, and users’ wallets will suffer. It will be cheaper to buy an adapter than to replace all accessories. This is an opportunity for Apple, but there is also a threat.

The entry into force of the new rules will reduce Apple’s control over the iPhone accessories market. The company now recommends certified accessories with the Made for Apple logo.

Source: Apple

In order for such a logo to appear on the box of a device using Lightning, the device manufacturer must pay Apple to conduct the certification process.

Source: Bloomberg.