You can now use Task Manager’s Live Core Dump feature with Windows 11 Dev build 25197.

Earlier today, Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 25197 to Dev Channel Insiders. The new build brings a tablet-optimized taskbar, although the company has acknowledged that this might be a bug for now.

In one of the early builds, 25188, a hidden “live core dump” option was noticed inside the task manager. Core dump files create a snapshot of kernel memory, allowing you to analyze them while troubleshooting application crashes, driver errors, and Windows BSODs, among other things. Live core dump files are similar, except that they do not require a system restart to generate the core dump. Therefore, this is useful because it does not break the system in the event of a non-fatal error.

The option to generate live core dumps is now active in the new build of Windows 11 25197. As you can see in the image below, selecting the live core dump option opens a dialog box indicating the location of the generated dump file.

Build 25197 Live Core Dump Feature in Task Manager

If you tried to use the live core dump option in previous builds, such as build 25193, you will receive the following error message stating that the operation could not be completed:

Build 25193 live core dump feature not working

You can read about the rest of the changes in build 25197, which include new animated icons in settings and an update to the media player, among other things, in this article.

Source: Xeno ( Twitter ) via PhantomOcean3 ( Twitter )

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