Tatooine from an Unusual Minecraft Perspective

Some players take on more mundane projects like the city of Greenfield, others aim a little higher, creating an impressive quasar. In turn, still others reach locations known from films, for example, a Reddit user who spent a year on the Star Wars planet Tatooine.

Impressive design

Minecraft player dillyg10 has spent the last year (about a thousand hours!) On his 4000 by 4000 block project. Particularly noteworthy is the detail that can be seen in the video posted by the author.

The largest known urban centers were recreated, as well as the desert landscape characteristic of this planet. There are many comments on dillyg10’s post and most users are happy with the dynamics. Interestingly, you can see what Tatooine looks like on the author’s server.  

What do you think about this project?

Source: reddit