How is alcohol-free beer made?

The consumption of non-alcoholic beer has been on the rise for several years. However, the beer-making process naturally induces alcoholic fermentation. So how do you get this famous non-alcoholic beer?

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Why are there sulfites in wine?

While drinking wine or cider, you may have noticed on the label of the bottle that it says “contains sulphites”. The idea of ​​adding it to wine dates back several

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Quiz: colors in chemistry

What compound produces the green of fireworks? What is the color of a sodium lamp? Where does henna come from? Test your knowledge of the colors around us and the

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What is the heaviest chemical element?

Uranium is the heaviest element that can be found naturally. But Mendeleev’s periodic table has been enriched over time with heavier and heavier elements created artificially. Which one now holds

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