Surface Pro X SQ1 and SQ2 receive a massive firmware update

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for the first and second generation Surface Pro X. The June 2022 update is available for devices with SQ1 and SQ2 processors running Windows 10 20H1 and later. It contains new drivers, performance improvements, and the cryptic “support for future Windows OS releases,” which likely means the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 release.

What’s new in the June 2022 Firmware Update for Surface Pro X?

  • The update improves system performance and overall stability.
  • The update improves graphics and Wi-Fi stability.
  • The update includes support for future releases of Windows.
  • The update fixes the problem with the camera settings.

Here is the complete list of new drivers for Surface Pro X SQ1 and SQ2:

Driver Version Windows Device Manager Surface Virtual Function Enum Device – User Interface Devices Surface UCM UCSI HID Client – USB Connector Managers Surface Type Cover v7 Firmware Update – Firmware Surface Type Cover V7 Fingerprint UDE Controller – Universal Serial Bus Controllers Surface Thermal Policy Driver – System Devices Surface Tcon – User Interface Devices Surface SPT Core – System Devices Surface SMF – Firmware Surface Serial Hub Driver – System Devices
10400.3.22.0 Surface Pro X Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2×2) SVC Extension Surface Pen 0C0F Firmware Update – Firmware Surface Pen Cfu Over BleLc Extn Package – Extension Surface Panel – Monitor Surface Hid MiniDriver – User Interface Devices Surface Firmware Update – Firmware
1.0.1660.3 Surface Camera AVStream Mini Driver – Cameras Surface Button – System Devices Surface Battery – Battery Surface ACPI Notification Driver – System Devices
1.0.1720.0 Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2×2) Svc – Network Adapters
1.0.1760.0 Qualcomm(R) System Manager Appliance – System Devices
1.0.1760.0 Qualcomm(R) System Manager Appliance – System Devices
1.0.1600.0 Qualcomm(R) System Manager Appliance – System Devices
1.0.1680.0 Qualcomm(R) Bus Device – System Devices
27.20.1720.0 Qualcomm(R) Adreno(TM) 680 GPU – Video Adapters

The June 2022 Firmware Update is available for all Surface Pro X SQ1 and SQ2 configurations with Windows 10 20H1 and later. Please note that there is one known issue with the eye contact feature:

Symptom Workaround
There is an issue launching the eye contact feature in the February 28, 2022 update on devices that have the Windows 11 update installed.

To activate the feature (or disable it), you must toggle the feature in the settings. You will need to do this every time the camera is used.

  1. Select Start > Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Camera > Surface Front Camera or Surface Rear Camera.

  2. Toggle eye contact function

Microsoft says it is working on fixing the issue in a future update. Thankfully, this isn’t as severe as a bug found in the May 2022 firmware update for the first generation Surface Go, where users were getting locked devices after installing the latest patches.

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