Super Mario RTX has a dark and harsh theme powered by Unreal Engine 5

Epic Game’s latest version of Unreal Engine 5 will be the basis for some of the biggest games to be released in the future. But for weeks now, we’ve been seeing various smaller developers using it to create impressive fan games and exciting concept trailers. One of these is Super Mario RTX .

Fan builds Super Mario RTX with Unreal Engine 5

Late last month, Funkyzeit Games shared a gameplay video showing a fan-made Mario game. It was essentially a darker and scarier version of the Super Mario series mechanized with Unreal Engine 5 and its features. As you can see, this unique approach to the concept and aesthetic of Mario looks quite captivating. Ultimately, it makes you wonder what the next full-fledged product in the series from Nintendo looks like .

Here is what the creator of the creepy horror version of the Mario game had to say about his creation:

I played Unreal Engine 5 and did a demo of the Mario game I’ve always wanted to play. This is a satirical fan-made gameplay video that is being used to showcase UE5 rendering and will not be published or monetized.

According to the comments, viewers of this trailer are very eager to play this fresh, albeit brutal and dark take on the game.

It seems that since the release of the last part of the Super Mario Bros. more than usual time has passed. Immediately after the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo launched Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on the Nintendo Switch , which Roche had a lot of good things to say about:

Super Mario 3D World shows why Mario is a timeless franchise, with a seven-year-old game that brings new fun and amazing experiences. Bowser’s Fury is the exact opposite, demonstrating just how exciting and experimental the series can be. — Roche

We hope that Nintendo does not issue a cease and desist letter to the creator of the fan game. The title looks amazing, showcasing the power of Unreal Engine 5 and giving us a stern look at all things Super Mario. But Nintendo doesn’t take custom ROMs or fan-made games lightly. So, unfortunately, the game may soon be closed.

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