The “Lord of the Rings” studio makes the game based on the “world famous brand”.

Are we finally moving on to the next Lord of the Rings game? Or is it about some other major franchises that the creators dealt with?

Nothing is definite at this stage, but I feel like there is something to wait.

The studio from “The Lord of the Rings” begins to play

Wait, what is the “Lord of the Rings studio”? This is, of course, New Zealand’s Weta Workshop, a props and special effects company for the film industry. In fact, these veterans not only dealt with the greatest fantasy in cinematic history, but a number of other productions as well.

Their portfolio also includes, for example, collaborations with the creators of King Kong, Avatar, The Hobbit, Opowieści z Narnia or Ghost in the Shell. There’s probably nothing in the movie category for them that they can’t do, but what about video games?

The studio has posted on its website the latest offer for a job as a producer for their first video game.

We are looking for a producer to help us create cutting edge games. Our next PC game is based on an incredibly rich and inspiring license that will delight fans and gamers around the world. Sounds interesting? Join us on this exciting journey.

Weta Workshop Facebook Post

So what? New Video Game LOTR Confirmed? I’d like to, but the creators have so many elements in their findings that there’s really no point in guessing what they are currently doing. It is only known that the name is most likely at the conceptual stage of development. We’ll have to wait for him a little.