Steam Deck is finally getting the right audio drivers for Windows

Last month, Valve released an update to SteamOS to bring official Windows 11 support to the Steam Deck. However, Windows on Valve’s handheld console suffered from poor support and the absence of some key components such as audio drivers. Valve finally fixed this issue by releasing official Windows audio drivers on the Steam Deck.

The release of official audio drivers for Steam Deck means those running Windows on their consoles can now use the built-in speakers and audio jack. Previously, the only audio output on the Windows Steam Deck was Bluetooth.

While Steam Deck now has all the necessary drivers to run Windows 11 and 10 like any computer, the SteamOS replacement isn’t perfect or user-friendly. Steam Deck doesn’t officially dual-boot, so you’ll need to wipe your console disk before installing Windows. Valve is working on this and the company promises to fix it with the release of SteamOS 3 in the future.

Not every Steam Deck user cares about switching from SteamOS to Windows, so Valve is naturally more interested in improving SteamOS (the company recently added the ability to change the refresh rate on a per-game basis). The company wants its console to be flexible and easy to experiment with, but it will take time to fix all the necessary details.

You can download the latest Windows drivers for the Steam deck from the official Steam Support site .

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