Start11 1.22 returns seconds to Windows 11 clock and Edge tabs in start menu search

Stardock released version 1.22 of Start11 today. Start11 is a program that allows users to customize the Windows Start Menu and Taskbar for Windows 10 and 11, and can also make the Start Menu appear the same as previous versions of Windows, improving the experience with new features and functions.

This is a minor release, but at the same time it contains several new features that you should be aware of. The full list of changes is below:

  • If you’re using Edge, your tabs will now show up in search results.
  • Search results now prioritize frequently used apps/content.
  • Added additional language support
  • Option for clock seconds in Start11 configuration screen (dashboard) for developers and beta channels only
  • Lots of bug fixes

As you may have noticed, in addition to showing open tabs in Edge in Start menu search results, it’s now also possible to enable seconds on the taskbar clock on the taskbar.

However, as noted by Brad Sams, VP and General Manager of Software at Stardock, seconds can only be enabled for builds in the beta or development channel, so unfortunately this won’t work in the current public release of Windows 11.

The major release of Start11 v1.2 is specifically focused on improving the Windows 11 experience by rebuilding the taskbar from the ground up to add new features. In this release, users will be able to ungroup items on the taskbar by aligning windows to the center or left.

Start11 is currently available for $5.99. There is an upgrade option for Start8 and Start10 users and is also included in Object Desktop. For more information visit You can view the full press release and changelog for Start 1.22 here .

Object Desktop includes programs such as Fences, Start10, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes, and Multiplicity.

Disclaimer: Neowin’s relationship with Stardock

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