Fortnite Aim Course Code List (August 2022) – The Best Maps to Practice Aiming!

Unlike other popular battle royale games, Fortnite lets you improve your aiming mechanics with multiple Aim Course creative mode maps. In addition to learning your aiming mechanics, these specially designed maps will also help you understand other aspects of the game, such as weapon recoil patterns, combat tactics, and your positioning during combat.

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Best Fortnite Aim Course Codes

Here’s a look at the best Fortnite Aim course codes:

List of the best Fortnite Aim courses

Ultimate Aim Training Course

Sometimes you just need to turn to the classics. The Ultimate Aim Trainer by TRA3-TV has been around since the first chapter and is one of the most effective and popular maps for aim training. If you want to immerse yourself in a familiar atmosphere and hone your mastery of Fortnite pro player skills, this is one of the best maps to start with!

Trickshot Deathrun – Aimed?

Code: 0175-2829-3030

This is the latest installment in the stunt map series. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, this map offers a challenging solo experience where you have to make your way around the track while performing stunts. As we know, most aim course maps provide practice for general aim training and improving your skills when things go right. This course will improve your skill and reaction time for those weird occasions when you need to land a master shot at the perfect time!

Slide/Aim Course

Code: 3229-2138-0756

The course Slyjack’s Movement/Peek starts the list. As the name suggests, this is an advanced aiming course that will help you shoot better by looking or moving. The map has two types of difficulty modes and four types of scenarios. This includes enemies spawning in front, rising, above and below. In addition, the AI ​​bot will remove your shield if you peek at an angle. We recommend using and practicing all types of melee weapons on the map, such as shotguns and submachine guns. The only downside to the map is that it places too much emphasis on internal scenarios rather than external ones.

Raider464 aiming training card

Code: 6531-5731-1207

One of the newest aiming training courses that has caused quite a stir among the players is the aiming training map from Raider464. The creative map has a total of 20 different customizable scenarios, including situations for the newly introduced sliding methods. Aside from the content-heavy objectives, the best part of the course is that the developers didn’t reveal much about the weapons you should choose for each task. This allows you to focus on weapons and situations that need improvement. The course is also designed for players with controllers or gamepads as it supports real-time aim assist. We encourage you to try challenges like long range AR tagging, bounce tracking and glider tracking if you want to try the map!

Doublendude Aim course

Code: 8850-5991-7075

The most unique and challenging course on the entire list is the Doublendude Aiming Course. This is a combination of targeted training and combat scenario. After entering the code, you will find yourself in a small arena that will simulate in-game scenarios. You will have access to all weapons in the game in their epic or rare form. There are also constantly moving bots on the map that damage players. If you are a beginner who is not so sure about your goal or has lost quite a few matches in the final zone due to aim duels, the course should definitely be on your checklist.

Teadoh warm-up card for chapter 3

Code: 7264-2987-8032

This map was created and updated regularly by popular cartographer and Fortnite creator Teadoh. His cards often appear on our lists of the best cards, and for good reason. If you just want a solid, all-round great experience with customization options that you can tweak to suit your target learning needs, this is where you should start. He is regularly updated to work with the latest season’s new game mechanics, meaning he will likely be on this list for months (or even years!).

Pattern control + goal

Code: 1611-0113-8283

This map is so good as a targeting course that it also works as a warm-up and weapon training course. On this map, you can choose any mode you like, check previous results and hone your skills with shotguns and assault rifles. It has multiple timer options, which means you can practice using weapons in short-term, highly stressful situations, or test your endurance with each weapon!

Skaavka aiming training

Code: 8022-6842-4965

This has been one of the most popular Fortnite aim training maps for a long period of time, and is now being updated for Chapter 3. Skaavok Aim Training is another versatile map that provides aim training against targets, bots, or other people. When you enter a lobby, you simply select your weapon, game mode, and then settings. They have time trials, free play, warm-ups and PvP, so any practice is available to you. This is one of the best aim training maps we’ve seen in a while!

Edit + aim in parkour

Code: 4691-7411-6945

This card is good for a daily workout because it doesn’t require a lot of time. It’s exactly what the name suggests: a warm-up editing course with aiming training and parkour. Parkour isn’t difficult, it just prepares you for the jumping, shooting, and editing that you’ll often see at the end of a match. It was also made by Pan_Go, a renowned mapper in the Fortnite community.

Warm-up Chapter 3

Code: 9235-5574-0144

This is the latest and greatest warm-up card that includes many ways to work out anything you think you could improve on. It has aiming courses (vertical tracking course shown below), editing courses, box fights, and more. This map can easily lay claim to being the best warm-up map of the entire season, and can even stay strong throughout Chapter 3. If you’re looking to warm up with the latest in-game weapons and gear, this is the best map to do so.

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