Fortnite Zone Wars Code List (August 2022) – Best Zone Wars Maps

Our list of Fortnite Zone Wars codes features some of the best level options for players looking to practice in end-game situations. This map type basically mimics the boxing, snake, and tunneling play style that is required in the late games of competitive games. If you want to purposefully improve at this, then these cards are a good way to do it.

List of codes for the best Fortnite Zone Wars maps

Here is our list of the best Fortnite Zone Wars map codes:

The best Fortnite Zone Wars maps

Desert Zone Wars

Desert Wars Map Code: 9700-3224-6429

This Zone Wars map spawned its own genre shortly after its release. Although the genre was short-lived, Desert Zone Wars was developed so well that players wanted to play more Desert-hosted Zone Wars maps, and map makers were quick to try to create maps to fit the growing trend. This map has retained its position as the best Desert Wars map and even made it to our list of the best Zone Wars maps overall!

Duo Box PVP Zone Wars

Duo Box PVP Zone Wars Map Code: 7296-4357-0186

Mix one part of Box Fight and one part of Zone Wars and you have the perfect combination for an intense battle where you will fire your weapons from start to finish. Take your Fortnite best friend and play short, fast-paced rounds against other Duos teams that play as erratic as you, as this map forces players to have quick reflexes and melee skills to win!

Go 3v3v3v3

Go Goated 3v3v3v3 card code: 3305-1551-7747

Go Goated 3v3v3v3 is considered by many to be the gold standard for team base maps. While it’s by no means a new map, it has stood the test of time and seems to have taken a permanent place in the Fortnite Discovery tab, always being on the list of the most popular Zone Wars maps and occasionally appearing on the other most popular maps. card lists. If you want one of the best zone war experiences and want to play as a trio, this is the best choice.

Bio’s Zone Wars – Custom Squad

Bio’s Zone Wars Custom Trios Map Code: 4059-2791-0712 Custom Squads Bio’s Zone Wars Map Code: 0007-2048-2784

Bio’s Zone Wars map set was originally created in Chapter 2 of Fortnite. They have stood the test of time and are considered one of the best Zone Wars maps. Both maps are still played today, and Epic often features them in the Fortnite Creative Discovery tab. The concept of both maps is the same: each round, choose your teammates and weapons, jump into the thick of the battle and fight to the very end. We believe that the simple design and the ability to choose teammates in each round is what keeps players coming back to this map!

Enigma’s Downhill River Zone Wars Chapter 3:

Enigma’s Downhill River Zone Wars Chapter 3 Map Code: 6564-6863-3031

Enigma is a popular map maker in the Fortnite community and they are known for making only quality maps. Downhill River Zone Wars was a concept of theirs that started back in Chapter 1. However, now that sliding has become a game mechanic, they have redesigned their map to give a new take on the Zone Wars genre!

Tilt Zone Wars (XA)

Tilted Zone Wars Map Code: 1760-0152-1306

This map may be over a year old, but has recently become popular due to Tilted being added back to Battle Royale. This map is based on Tilted Towers and perfectly recreates the atmosphere of an almost five year old Battle Royale location. Since Tilted Towers was added to the map in Chapter 3, this will likely be one of the most popular Zone Wars maps for months.

Zonewars: catch! [DUO]

Zonewars Catch Duos card code: 5075-5123-5617

Zone Wars maps are common, as is Catch! game mechanics. But no one seems to have thought of combining them so far. In this game, you follow the standard game mechanics of Zone Wars, but there is a catch. You can only use throwable items, just like in Catch! LTM. It’s also a Duos card. So, if you and your favorite teammate think you’re good at throwing objects, strategize carefully, and stay within the Zone, this map is perfect for you!

Jungle Zone Wars

Jungle Warfare Map Code: 1541-4258-1328

Aesthetics is the name of the game for this card. In The Jungle Zone Wars, players fight on a map that looks like an expanded version of Stealthy Stronghold. Jungle-style landscapes and terrain make it much more difficult to spot opponents, and in order to defeat them, you need to show your best game. Leaves are blocking your path and you’ll need to accurately predict your opponents’ plans to stay ahead in this Zone Wars map!

Zone Wars & Box Fight – Galaxy Aesthetic

Zone Wars & Box Fight Galaxy Aesthetic Card Code: 2829-5679-5518

Zone Wars & Box Fight – Galaxy Aesthetic takes the opposite direction from the wild survival theme of Jungle Zone Wars. This map offers two different ways to play on a galactic map with a true lost-in-space aura. Players are given the opportunity to vote on the game they would like to play in each round, and the map supports up to 16 players!

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