List of Fortnite Gun Game Codes (September 2022)

If you are familiar with shooters, then you have probably already played the Gun Game. This style of play tests your abilities with a variety of different weapons, and this concept has now been carried over to Fortnite. You start with one weapon in the set, and when you get an exception, you move on to the next weapon. You will need to keep getting eliminations in order to sort through all the guns in the set in order to win! If you don’t like building in Fortnite, then this is a great mode to play because you don’t have to worry about harvesting or protecting yourself with buildings.

Best Fortnite Gun Game Maps Codes

ultimate gun game

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Ultimate Gun Game card code: 9001-1974-4652

Ultimate Gun Game aims to stay true to its name by providing players with the ultimate experience that covers all the basics of what people could want from a gun game map. Between each round, players vote on which weapon they would like to use, from melee to sniper and everything in between. Players are then teleported to the arena that matches their chosen weapon and must give other players a reason to never vote for that weapon again – they might turn against you!

One shot game

One Shot Gun game card code: 0345-9115-1287

This exciting take on the Gun Game genre features intense and fast-paced combat where each player only has 1 HP! This means that you can (and most likely die) die without warning throughout the match. Fortunately, it is easy to pass each level. This eliminates the need to be precise and makes it much easier to win with everyone’s favorite pistol shooting method: “splatter and pray”!

Game Forbidden Hollows with weapons

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Forbidden Hollows game card code: 6361-2584-3679

This excellent gun play map was featured in the Epic’s Picks tab in the Discovery menu, eventually making it one of the most popular gun play maps we’ve ever seen. Before making it to the exclusive roster, players could recognize its potential in its theme design and simple game mechanics. Join the game, wait for up to 30 players to gather and see which one of you emerges victorious!

Citadel – Gun Game | parkour

Image via itsSpark

Citadel – Gun Game | Parkour Map Code: 5464-7163-5183

This map offers a fresh take on the best of both worlds for two of the most popular creative map modes. In a shooting game that also challenges the players’ parkour skills, you have to manage multiple skill sets if you want to emerge victorious. This map has been tagged as one of the Epic Picks in the Discovery tab, proving its professional design and reproducibility, making it top of many lists of the best Fortnite maps!

Game quest with weapons

Image via Fortnite Gun Game Quest

Gun Game Quest card code: 8402-5347-6470

This is a new take on the Gun Game genre, beautifully executed. Instead of playing a round where you have to go through all the weapons to win, you have to “level up” your weapon by scoring kills with it. The more kills you get, the more rarity you get for the weapon you scored them with. When you are destroyed, you simply select your preferred equipment again, and then return to the action!

OG Junk Junction

OG Junk Junction card code: 7398-2853-2137

One of the least memorable parts of the Fortnite Chapter 1 map was the Junk Junction. This weapon play map brings her back to life and reminds me how good POI is for close combat. Not to be confused with one of Junk Junction’s many other creative maps, this one was recently published to accommodate the new mechanics in Chapter 3!

Scrap Town – Gun Game

Scrap Town – Gun Game Map Code: 5918-7034-6151

This is a classic Gun Game map that was originally created in Chapter 2. This is a Borderlands Scrapyard-themed map that instantly rose in popularity to become one of the most memorable Gun Game maps. Most Fortnite veterans are familiar with this map, so you won’t find it lacking in competition when you play against players who have played it before.

Pistol game against the clock

Time Twist Gun game card code: 5918-7034-6151

Time Twist is a map that is suitable for several types of games, but its main game uses the Gun Game mechanic. However, the cool thing about Time Twist is that you can move between different universes during a match, giving you an opportunity to run away from fire or a way to surprise unsuspecting opponents. Similar to the mechanics introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8, players can instantly switch between normal physics and modified physics simply by using their Rift-to-Go!


This is an exciting theme for any Gun Game fan! On this map, you enter a zoo where you have to fight for different classes of animals. Each animal class has its own unique perks that require you to change your play style as you advance through the weapon roster! Even players who are tired of Gun Game mechanics will love this fresh version of the classic Gun Game mod!

Zoo Gun game card code: 8169-7821-3985

First person gun play

Everyone loves the good old gun game, but what happens if there’s a twist? We all know that Fortnite is played in third person, but have you ever tried playing it in first person? Well, why not try a first-person gun game! First up to 25 wins!

First Person Gun Game Card Code: 6821-7528-4726

Jduth’s One Shot Gun Game

It is very simple, but very difficult. This is the usual Free For All Gun game, but with a twist. Each weapon kills with one shot. One stray bullet is enough to kill someone. The first person to get 15 kills wins!

Jduth’s One Shot Gun game card code: 0058-1374-3994

Terminal MW2 Remake

If you’re a Modern Warfare fan, then you might like this map because it’s a remake of the Terminal map in MW2! Fight in the airport terminal by getting on and off the big plane, and inside the airport where you can go behind the counter and take people’s orders!

MW2 terminal remake card code: 4340-5772-0250

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