The creators of It Takes Two have been sued by Take-Two. The company wants to own many common words

We don’t know what Take-Two actually does, but it’s weird to say the least. The company seems to want to own a variety of everyday words. The problem is that even It Takes Two was a hit.

Take-Two is harshly suing anyone who uses everyday words. What to expect?

Take-Two sues everyone and everything, even two

Take-Two, one of the largest production and publishing companies in the gaming industry, is already a legend. After all, Rockstar, the creators of the GTA or RDR series, and other developers at 2K Games at the forefront are working under their direction.

If you are familiar with the English language, you probably know common words like “bully” or “rock star” (rock star, but are actually spelled together). “Take” and “two” are other fairly common words. Take-Two wants to own it.

It sounds strange, but the company has sent a new wave of lawsuits to many different companies, not necessarily related to the gaming industry. From the page where we find the relevant documents, it is easy to conclude that the publisher is suing anyone who uses words that are identical to the company. We can find all sorts of phrases related to “GTA”, “Bully” or “Rockstar” here. The problem is that many of these companies do not operate at all in the electronic entertainment industry. It took just a moment to browse the internet to find out that Rockstar Ax Throwing is a business that allows those who wish to throw axes at a target. However, Take-Two doesn’t like the use of the word “Rockstar” in the title.

However, all this can be understood. “GTA”, “Rockstar” (together) and “Bully” are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective authorities. However, it is difficult not to pay attention to the fact that “clinging” in this matter could go too far.

Curiosity came to a head when we read that Take-Two seemed to want to own the juxtaposition of the two as well. The company has decided to sue Hazelight Studios, the maker of the award-winning game It Takes Two this year. How does one relate to the other? Absolutely nothing, except for the words “take” (although there are different variations in the game) and “two”. Could Take-Two have anything to do with this? I doubt. Is there a chance the publisher will win the lawsuit? Oh, the more I dare to doubt.

I don’t know what Take-Two is doing, but it worries to put it mildly. Protecting copyrights is one thing, but suing anyone using similar phrases is another. The company is known for repeatedly deleting fan projects associated with the GTA series. While there is a legal battle with moderators who want to decorate GTA III and Vice City.

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