The creators of Horizon Forbidden West will help you immerse yourself in the game world.

The creators of Horizon Forbidden West recently introduced players to the vehicles that we will meet in the game. Soon we will have another opportunity to get to know the world of this game, this time in a rather unusual way.

Guerilla Games is preparing a podcast in which we get to know the world of Aloy and mechanical animals better. The first episode is slated to debut on November 23, although it has yet to be confirmed on which platforms we’ll hear it.

Initially, the game’s developers will focus on the world that we may know from Zero Dawn, and later we will most likely move to the Forbidden West. In the first episode, we learn a little about Aloy herself.

GAIA Cast is a podcast from Guerrilla that takes you deep into the Horizon universe.
Our first season of Horizon Zero Dawn will debut next Tuesday, November 23rd, with the first episode: All About Aloy.

– reported by Guerilla Games on Twitter.

If you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn and are about to play Forbidden West, the podcast will help you get used to the world both games present. Unfortunately, we have not learned the details of the next series, but I assume that they will contain a lot of fresh information about the Guerilla Games universe. It remains to wait for the premiere.