DioField Chronicle Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The DioField Chronicle info dump, the battle tutorials, and the lack of additional information about the game’s non-combat aspects (such as shops) can make the first few chapters a bit difficult for new players. But if you’re willing to explore its secrets and dive into the game mechanics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much more fun it can be if you know.

Below are a few tips and tricks for new DioField Chronicle players.

You can disrupt the opponent’s skills

Characters are rarely fast enough to elude an enemy skill, especially if it’s a large one. Instead of telling your units to run and break formation, use a skill that stops your enemies from moving. It could be something as simple as Izelar’s Shield Bash (for a stun) or Waltaquin’s Ice Link (for a freeze). Always have enough EP to disrupt enemy skills.

Use the skill tree to improve your skills

If you’re obsessed with a particular skill, you can increase that skill’s attack and decrease its cooldown by investing some SP into your skill tree. The skill tree can be accessed from the menu before the mission or next to the Institute in your base. Units of the same type share the same skill tree.

SP can usually be earned by completing the “Don’t let allies fall in combat” mission and some temporary missions in each main and side quest.

Save hotspot

By spending AP on a character, you can unlock many useful stat upgrades and additional skills. However, the most useful AP upgrades, like Andrias’ tenacity, are worth a lot of points. Resist the urge to spend AP the moment you get it.

Save Bahamut for Bosses

You don’t always have to summon that mighty dragon when your TP gauge gets funny. Save your TPs for the most recent enemy (or enemies). This will help you complete these temporary missions.

Check your weapon skills before buying it

Each weapon has its own set of skills. Be sure to check them out before making a purchase. For example, not all of Valtakin’s employees have Healing. If using Heal from time to time is part of your survival strategy, you need to make sure her weapon always has it. Weapons are not cheap!

Do not rush to buy equipment

Gould is rare in the early game, so you’ll be in for a complete grindfest if you want to equip all of your characters with the best gear before each main quest. Instead, buy gear if you think you need it or if you want to improve the usability of your favorite characters.

For example, Andrias, as your main damage weapon, should always have a good weapon. Meanwhile, Fredra needs good armor if you want him to join Izelar on the front line, his defense is not that good.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in battle

During battles, you can always return to a certain control point (for example, before the siege of the enemy base or before the boss) at any time. There are no costs and you can do this indefinitely. If your current strategy isn’t working, you don’t need to get out of the map and regroup. Press ZR or R2 in the middle of a fight, then select “Checkpoint” to rewind time.

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