SMITE Surtr Build Guide: Best Items, Relics and Abilities

SMITE Surtr Build Guide: Best Items, Relics and Abilities

Best Builds for Surtr in SMITE: Item Build Guide

You can read about Surtr’s Abilities at the start of our Year 10 (Season 10) Patch Notes article:

In this article, we’ll start with the ability order.

Ability Leveling Order for Surtr in SMITE

Apart from the Ultimate which is a priority to get leveled as soon as possible, you will generally max out the first ability (Flames of Musspell). At your second level you will take the second ability (Giant’s Grasp) because that Stun is OP as hell. Faster than Ullr’s axes, and stuns for 1.2s, and has decent damage too! At Level 4, you will introduce the third ability (Emberwalk). Level 5, is, logically, when you take the Ultimate (End of Days).

From there, you will keep maxing the first ability (Flames of Musspell). On Level 8, you may perhaps, not pick anything, and then when you hit Level 9, pick both Flames of Muspell and End of Days.

Regarding the prioritization of Giant’s Grasp and Emberwalk after you see Flames of Musspell through to max level, there are conflicting opinions about what you should choose first. Giant’s Grasp has great single target damage and should be maxed in the situations where you are for example, on a solo lane or in the jungle, and Emberwalk could be better in situations where you are in bigger fights more often (such as in Arena). Good thing about Giant’s Grasp is that the stun lasts 1.2s at all levels, and that the movement speed on Emberwalk is the same, so you only need to gauge which damage you need more.

Surtr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Ability 1 2 1 3 5 1 1 X 1,4 2 2 2 4 2 3 3 4 3 3 4

Item Build for Surtr in SMITE

Surtr is, as mentioned, a Warrior. He can be built as a full tank or a bruiser, since he has that much flexibility (until he gets nerfed lol).

Items for Surtr in SMITE (Lane/Tank/Bruise)

  • Warrior’s Axe is a solid starter item. When you upgrade it into Warrior’s Animosity, that’s when you’ll see cool numbers from your basic attacks.
  • Sovereignty is a great item to defend against Physical damage. It provides +HP5 to him and his allies, and an additional Physical Protection aura. And, more importantly, +HP!
  • Heartward Amulet is a great item to defend against Magical damage. It’s a counterpart to Sovereignty, but for Magical Protection aura and +MP5. It can be upgraded into Amulet of Silence because you will have a lot of benefits from that on-hit Silence effect (your team as well).
  • Berserker’s Shield has received an update for Season 10. It’s a great item that you should definitely try out.
  • Manticore’s Spikes is great since you will be stunning people a lot.
  • Frostbound Hammer would be the last item in the inventory of Surtr. Not necessarily in the order I’ve aligned them here.

Additional items that Surtr can make good use of in SMITE as a tank

  • Contagion or Pestilence are great against healers, depending on what damage you want to protect yourself from.
  • Emperor’s Armor is great against Tower huggers.
  • Caduceus Club is unorthodox but +Heal% looks solid sometimes.
  • Mantle of Discord can be cool in some situations.
  • Shogun’s Kusari grants a great Attack Speed aura that you definitely will make good use of

Items for Surtr in SMITE (Jungle/Damage/Not Tank)

  • Bumba’s Arrow (or Warrior’s Axe if you are not playing Jungle)
  • Golden Blade
  • Shadowdrinker
  • Bloodforge
  • Frostbound Hammer
  • Heartseeker/Brawler’s Beatstick/Crusher/Anything you find suitable for the situation

Relics for Surtr in SMITE

Blink. For the other slot (Relic Shard now) you can easily take Wing Shard, others kinda don’t make sense. Later, upgrade it to whatever you and your team need. It could be Beads, Aegis, more anti-heal, more sprint, more noclipping (when you have Odin against your team).

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