Hear Something Worth Hearing – Teufel Real Blue TWS

Teufel Real Blue TWS – small headphones with powerful sound

Of course, the main thing in headphones is good sound. In the case of the Teufel Real Blue TWS, this is provided by the 12mm HD linear drivers that deliver – here the quote – “ treble fidelity, warm mids and rich bass,” which is very encouraging.

Bluetooth 5.2 technology with ACC also provides low latency and high quality streaming, resulting in a small urządzonko guaranteeing CD-like sound. At the same time, it is strong and durable. 

With ANC, you only hear what you want to hear

The fact that this music is not disturbed by any unwanted noise is due to its active noise canceling technology, or ANC for short . It works in such a way that microphones on the outside of the headphones pick up sounds, transmit their frequency to the headphones, and they create an appropriate response on them, suppressing them.

As a result, our ears should be up only , which should reach us – even when we are on a busy road in a shopping mall or other public place.

However, sometimes it is still better to hear what is happening around. Then you can use transparent mode , in which ANC works the other way around, namely, it amplifies sounds from the environment. This way, you don’t have to remove the earbuds from your ears to get a response from a lady in a window at a train station or directions to your destination provided by passers-by. 

How do I switch between these modes? Just keep your finger on the left earbud . It is so simple. Holding your finger on the right earpiece will in turn launch the voice assistant. With these built-in touchpads, you can also adjust the volume and pause or skip tracks. 

ANC is a fairly power-hungry technology, but the manufacturer responds with a large battery. As a result, even with noise canceling turned on, the headphones work for 6 hours (and when turned off – two hours longer).

Plus, a case with a powerbank function is included, so just put the earbuds inside and they’ll be charged in a short time. The energy in the case is enough for two full charges, which means that far from the Real Blue TWS outlet, they work a full day (or 18 hours with ANC turned on). 

Source: Teufel, Sarota, own information