Skyrim overcomes 100 levels by defeating a dead dragon

Skyrim is full of glitches and bugs that are more amusing than annoying. However, the latest error confirms that they can be useful as well.

In the end, in order to hit the dragon’s carcass, we also have to be persistent, so the error will be as “realistic” as possible.

A bug in Skyrim will make it easier for you to level up

Who among us didn’t smile when our horse in Skyrim strangely landed on a tree? Who doesn’t like tossing NPCs hundreds of kilometers into the air? Bugs are a natural element of the land ecosystem in The Elder Scrolls 5.

However, there may sometimes be cases where the bug helps the players. InstructionSlow3396 from Reddit can certainly talk about this type of experience. He posted a short video on the TESV forum with an unusual error.

Until now, players have often aligned their characters by beating up their horse. No, seriously, the mount definitely helped with the experience. Now it turns out that the corpse of a defeated dragon can perform a similar function. The internet user reports that the game did not record the fact that the creature was defeated, and hitting its body is still considered a fight. As a result, the following levels are broken through.

The player explained that he already has a level 100 one-handed weapon, so his focus is now on the two-handed weapon. He also plans to use magic that he doesn’t need to fight, but the experience gained from this will come in handy. Some commentators believe that such exploits spoil the gameplay, which ultimately forces us to level up. It’s worth noting, however, that a lot of people have gone through this production several times already, so using a little help here doesn’t seem so bad.