How many updates will Battlefield 2042 receive by the end of the year? Prepare space on your drives

Battlefield 2042 is getting another major update tomorrow. The developers still have a lot of work to do and we can expect more fixes in the coming months.

In total, we will receive three updates by the end of the year. Each of them will take care of their fixes and introduce minor amenities that will increase the comfort of the game. There is no need to rely on more recent content at this point, but it might be better to look at the current state of the game. First, you have to fix what is not working, and only then deal with the news.

The upcoming Battlefield 2042 update will focus on game balance improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, the developers will restore the UAV-1, which was temporarily excluded from the game.

The second update will include a huge number of changes. The largest patch at the moment will be released at the very beginning of December, that is, in a few weeks. Hopefully, this really affects the state of the game.

The latest update this year does not yet have an exact release date, but it is expected to release before Christmas. We are also not sure what such a change will bring, and no specific changes have been confirmed. It remains to wait for the details.