Apple’s foldable iPhone display could have ‘excellent’ energy efficiency

On his Twitter account, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared important news about Apple’s first foldable iPhone. The analyst said that Apple is testing an E Ink color electronic paper display (EPD) for the screens of future foldable devices. In the same tweet, Kuo also added that Apple is also testing EPD technology in “tablet apps.”

E Ink displays are currently used in Amazon Kindle e-readers. Although these displays use very little power, they are less sensitive than OLED panels. This is because E Inks have a lower refresh rate, so they are arguably best suited for devices like the Kindle where there isn’t a lot of dynamic use.

Covers in foldable phones are mainly used for checking the time and notifications and therefore don’t have much dynamic use. At first glance, E Ink displays seem ideal for devices where refresh rate isn’t as important, but energy efficiency is important. And that’s why Apple may have started testing display technology for its upcoming foldable devices.

Kuo also added that color EPD could be the go-to display solution for foldable device covers.

It’s worth noting that Apple can cancel a project if it doesn’t deliver the results it wants, in which case the company will look elsewhere. Apple’s foldable iPhone and foldable MacBook are both rumored to go official in 2025, so Apple has plenty of time to decide which display technology it wants to use for its foldable iPhone models.

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