Download Task Manager MiTeC DeLuxe 4.0

DeLuxe Task Manager (TMX) offers the powerful features available in the standard Windows Task Manager in a lightweight, portable package with many other enhancements. It does not require installation and leaves no residue on the system, so it can be easily used as a portable application anywhere.

Free to use for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes.
For other uses, you should buy a commercial license.

TMX provides real-time monitoring of:

  • running processes
  • installed services and drivers
  • available network adapters
  • network connections by process
  • network usage
  • active terminal sessions
  • autorun records
  • cpu usage and frequency
  • memory usage

Includes a powerful process monitor with graphs and detailed process information. You can watch several processes at the same time. There is also a Window explorer, which lists all the windows of a given process with their properties. Session Viewer contains an automatic session log that records every session login, logoff, lockout, and status change. It is especially useful on terminal servers to observe how users connect to and disconnect from their desktops. The Desktop Explorer tool provides on-the-fly window scanning under the cursor. It evaluates window properties and hierarchy. The system information tool detects installed hardware and reports it in a simple format.

List of changes in MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 4.0:

  • Configuring the maximum number of CPU processes
  • New dark skin (as in Windows 11)
  • Added WDDM video adapter version to system information.
  • Added GPU usage and GPU core columns to Max CPU processes
  • Added the Browse parent process button to the Process Monitor.
  • Improved Process Monitor inspector

Download: MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 4.0 | 12.2 MB (free for personal use)
View: MiTeC DeLuxe Task Manager Home Page