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NTLite is a Windows configuration tool that allows you to modify an existing Windows installation or image that has yet to be deployed, remove Windows components, customize and integrate, and speed up the Windows deployment process. Reduce Windows load on RAM and storage. Remove the components of your choice, protected by compatibility security mechanisms that speed up finding the optimal location. Support for Windows Unattended features, providing many commonly used options on one page for easy customization.

Easily integrate one or more drivers, updates, or language packs. Package Integration includes smart sorting, which makes it easy to add packages for integration, and the tool will apply them in the appropriate order to control patch compatibility.

One of the important new features of NTLite (compared to its predecessors) is the ability to modify an already installed operating system by removing unnecessary components.

Supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7, x86 and x64, live and image. Server editions are the same versions, except for support for uninstalling features and customizing features. Support for ARM64 images in alpha. Does not support Checked / Debug, Embedded, IoT, Vista or XP versions.

NTLite changelog:


  • User Interface: Delete Scheduled Tasks page, delete existing scheduled tasks.
  • Settings: added option to disable disk quota.
  • Settings: option “Automatic archiving of applications”.
  • Components: ‘Windows Setup EM’ added by Win11 22000.318+, undocumented component
  • Components: Scanner Compatibility Option


  • Updates: Improved integration compatibility of new updates running on old host to Win10 1809 versions.
  • Source: Win11 New Preview build 22504.1010 download support
  • Source: Improved Host Refresh Migration Compatibility in full (er) and lite scenarios (error 0x8007042b)
  • Source: Host Refresh automatically agrees to the EULA for Win11 images
  • Settings: CPU check bypass added to TPM requirements parameter
  • Settings: The Application Compatibility settings are grouped into other groups.
  • Components: MS Audit Tools split required for Windows Firewall Control from Binisoft.
  • Components: The Modern App compatibility option is decoupled from the Windows Store compatibility option.
  • Components: PowerShell ISE is decoupled from PowerShell.
  • Components: ‘WWAN AutoConfig’ removes more
  • Components: Speech API moved from Gaming to Lite, required for Farcry 6
  • Components: “Disk quota” required for WMI volume provider, “wmic volume”, moved from Privacy to Lite.
  • Components: A separate “Bind Filter Driver” from containers is needed for a lot of things.
  • – Components: Detecting Win11 Component ‘Network Location Awareness’
  • Components: Improved Zip Folder Removal to support Host Refresh.
  • User interface: pages sorted on the left reflect the actual processing sequence.
  • UI translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), German (Cartman586)

To correct

  • Features: Removed duplicate FODs
  • Updates: Downloader might crash with corrupted files without image loaded.
  • Updates: Skip the icb.ppkg download to avoid unnecessary pop-ups showing up on certain images.
  • User interface: remember the size and position of the tool window

Download: NTLite 64-bit | 19.2 MB (free paid upgrade available )
Download: NTLite 32-bit | 19.0 MB
Link: NTLite Home Page | Features of NTLite