The drug lord simulator looks like the illegitimate child of GTA

Studio Sicarius has just announced its new position. The drug lord simulator looks strange, but perhaps there is some method in this madness.

Drug Dealer Simulator Fans is a drug lord simulator!

Trailer drug lord simulator

If you are fond of all kinds of “simulators” – we have something new. PlayWay has announced the latest item from the studio Sicarius, which is rightfully associated with Breaking Bad, GTA, the popular drug dealer simulator and even … Cyberpunk.

The announced game has a new video material. In the trailer, we can see fragments of the game, as well as a brief presentation of the activities that await us in the game. We will play the role of the titular drug lord who has lost everything, so he decides to start his business from the very beginning. We will participate in the entire process of production and distribution of various drugs, and our “company” will eventually turn into an empire, and we will have to fight the police and competitors.

All this looks interesting because the creators promise a mode of cooperation, and we will also get our … dog! A faithful comrade is to help in our interests.

The creation of the world promises to be interesting too. On the trailer, we see a rather extinct city, not at all similar to what we meet on the streets of today’s megalopolises. Instead, the creators tended to rely on the cyberpunk climate, which is even a bit post-apocalyptic. Strange decision to say the least, but hey – this is a video game in which anything can happen!

The game has already received its map on the Steam platform . Its premiere is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.