Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 receives Android 12 update in the US

Android 12 is finally available for the Galaxy Tab S6 in the US. Although Android 12 for the Tab S6 was released back in March, it was not available in the US. Finally, after a long wait, US Tab S6 LTE users can also get the latest Android 12 update. Let’s find out more about Android 12 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android 12 comes with One UI 4.1 update. This is the LTE variant that is getting an update. The Galaxy Tab S6 was released around August 2019. The device was running Android 9 out of the box. Later, the tablet received updates to Android 10 and Android 11. And now the tablet is receiving the third and probably the last major update in the form of Android 12.

The Android 12 update for the Galaxy Tab S6 comes with build number T867USQU7DVD2. It is currently available for Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Since this is a big update, it will also weigh in at around 1GB. The Android 12 update for the Galaxy Tab S6 also includes the March 2022 Android security patch.

The One UI 4.1 update based on Android 12 for the Galaxy Tab S6 brings new features such as improved privacy, new widgets, lock screen changes, camera improvements, and more. You can check the update changelog below.

Android 12 update changelog for Galaxy Tab S6

One UI 4.1 brings you a wide range of new features and improvements for your Galaxy devices. More intuitive, more fun, more secure and easier than ever.

Check out the changes below.

Color palette

Customize your tablet with unique colors based on your wallpaper. Your colors will be applied to menus, buttons, backgrounds and apps on your tablet.


One UI 4.1 offers strong privacy protections to keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Permission information at a glance: See when each app is accessing sensitive permissions such as Location, Camera, or Microphone in the Usage of Permissions section. You can prevent access to any applications that you do not like.
  • Camera and microphone indicators: keep away from prying eyes and ears. A green dot will appear in the top right corner of the screen when an app is using the camera or microphone. You can also use the quick controls on the panel to temporarily block all apps from using your camera or microphone.
  • Approximate Location: Keep your exact location private. You can set up apps that don’t need to know exactly where you are in order to only have access to your general area.
  • Clipboard Protection: Keep your passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information safe. You can receive alerts every time an application accesses content copied to the clipboard in another application.

Samsung keyboard

Samsung Keyboard is designed not only for typing, but also for self-expression and entertainment.

  • Quick access to GIFs, emoticons and stickers. Self-expression – with one touch. Access your emojis, GIFs and stickers right from your keyboard with a single button.
  • Animated emoji pairs: can’t find the right emoji? Combine two emojis together and then add animation to really convey your feelings.
  • More stickers. Liven up your conversations with many new animated stickers available for download.
  • Writing assistant. Keep track of your grammar and spelling with the new Writing Assistant on the Grammarly platform (English only).

home screen

It all starts on the home screen, where your favorite apps and features are just a tap away. One UI 4.1 will help you keep your home screen at its best at all times.

  • New Widget Design: Widgets have been redesigned to look better than ever, with information easy to see at a glance and more consistent styling.
  • Simplified Widget Selection: Trouble finding the right widget? Now you can quickly scroll through the list of widgets to see what’s available in each app. You’ll also get recommendations on how to use useful widgets.

Lock screen

Use widgets to complete quick tasks without unlocking your tablet, whether it’s managing your music, checking your schedule, or saving your best ideas.

  • Listen wherever you want: switch audio output from headphones to speakers on your tablet, all from the lock screen.
  • Voice recording: Have a great idea? Record a voice note without unlocking your tablet.
  • Calendar and schedule at the same time: Check today’s schedule along with the calendar for the rest of the month on the lock screen.


Enjoy a simpler layout while taking photos and videos. The Scene Optimizer button only appears in Photo mode in low light or when a document is being scanned. Portrait and Night Mode settings are now hidden and more intuitive.

  • Lens and zoom. Lens icons show the level of magnification so you know how much you’re magnified.
  • Video that never misses a moment: Recording starts as soon as you press the Record button, not when you release it, so you’ll capture those precious moments before they’re gone. In Photo mode, you can press and hold the shutter button to start recording a short video, and then swipe the lock icon to continue recording without holding the shutter button.
  • Advanced Scan: Scan documents, then tap the magnifying glass to zoom in and edit them right away. You can also do more after scanning QR codes, such as calling someone or sending an email, rather than just adding their contact information to your tablet.


Whether you have thousands of photos and videos or just a few treasured moments, Gallery makes it easy to find what you need and organize your collection.

  • Improved stories. Watch your stories come to life with auto-generated highlight videos. Just tap the preview at the top of each story to see it. You can also see where the photos in your stories were taken in the new Map view.
  • Simplified Albums. Easier sorting of albums, even if they contain many photos. In fact, you can sort albums by the number of images and videos they contain, so that your favorite and most used albums are always at the top of the list. The cover image also appears at the top of the screen when you’re viewing an album to give you a better idea of ​​what’s in the album.
  • Hassle-Free Remastering: Revert updated images to their original versions at any time, even after saving them, so you don’t have to worry about losing the original.
  • More control over information: Change or delete the date, time and location of your images to correct or keep them private. You can also select multiple images and edit their information at the same time.

Photo and video editor

Sometimes your photos and videos need some tweaking. One UI photo and video editors let you make your photos even better before you share them.

  • Emoticons & Stickers: Use emojis to cover your shy friend’s face, or add stickers to create funny pictures and videos.
  • Video Collages: Create moving collages that include images, videos, or a combination of both. Choose the perfect moments and create your masterpiece.
  • Light Control: Is the image too dark due to poor lighting? The new Light Balance feature helps you bring out all the details so everything looks great.
  • Never lose the original: feel free to edit! You can now revert images and videos to their original versions after saving them, or save them as copies to keep both the original and edited versions.
  • Paste one image into another: experiment with mixing and matching faces, pets, buildings and more. You can cut any object from one image and paste it into another.

AR emoji

Use your personal emoji to spice up your messages, make funny videos and more. You can create a digital version of yourself or try a different image. The possibilities are endless.

  • Bring your profile to life: Use AR emoji as your profile picture in Contacts and Samsung account. You can choose from over 10 poses or create your own expressions.
  • Face Stickers: Pretend to be your emoji with new stickers featuring your emoji’s face. Have fun decorating your photos and sharing them with your friends.
  • Dance the night away: Create cool dance videos with your augmented reality emojis. Choose from 10 different template categories including #Fun, #Cute and #Party.
  • Design your own clothes: Ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Now you can use your own drawings to create unique clothes for your AR emojis.


A single user interface helps you stay connected and share your experience with others. Just press the share button in any app.

  • More settings: make your own sharing. You can customize the list of apps that appear when you share content to avoid clutter and focus only on the apps you use regularly.
  • Simplified navigation: A new layout and improved navigation make it easier to share information. Swipe left or right to scroll through apps and contacts while sharing.


One UI 4.1 makes organizing your busy life even easier.

  • Check your schedule on the home screen: A new widget shows your daily schedule along with a full monthly calendar.
  • Quick Add Events: Need to add something to your calendar urgently? Just enter a title and you’re done.
  • Additional search options. Now you have more ways to find events on your calendar than ever before. Choose from recent search keywords or filter by color or sticker.
  • Share with others: Sometimes you need to keep others informed. Now it’s easier to share your calendars with other Galaxy users.
  • Simplified date and time selection: Setting up event details is very easy with separate date and time options.
  • Restore deleted events. Deleted events will remain in the trash for 30 days so that they can be restored if necessary.

Samsung Internet

The fast and secure One UI web browser now makes it easy to find the web pages you want and protect your privacy.

  • Search Suggestions: Get additional search suggestions as you type into the address bar. The results will appear in the new design.
  • Search on the main screen. The new search widget helps you find what you’re looking for right on your home screen.
  • Run in secret mode. To protect your privacy, Samsung Internet will automatically start in secret mode if you used secret mode during your last browsing session.

Device care

Quickly assess your tablet’s performance, security and battery life, resolve issues quickly, and get in-depth diagnostics for more complex issues.

  • A brief overview of battery and safety. Battery and security issues will show up right on your home screen so you can resolve issues faster.
  • Understanding the general health of your tablet. The general state of your tablet is displayed as an emoji, so you can understand it immediately.
  • Diagnostic checks: You can now access Samsung Members diagnostics from Device Care. If something is wrong with your tablet, try running diagnostic tests to find out what the problem is and get suggestions on how to fix it.

Bixby Routines

Make your tablet do more for you. Turn Wi-Fi on automatically when you get home, or mute your tablet when you’re at work. One UI 4.1 gives you even more options.

  • Additional Conditions: More conditions are available for your routines. Launch a procedure during a call or when a specific notification is received.
  • Additional Actions: You can now enable advanced processing with a subroutine. There are also advanced options such as connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices.
  • More control: Change the order of actions by touching and holding actions on the edit page. Advanced options have also been added to allow you to wait for an action to begin, confirm actions, and more.
  • More Combinations: We’ve removed restrictions on some combinations of conditions and actions so you can do even more with your procedures.
  • Advanced settings: create custom icons for your treatments using the camera or an image from the gallery.


One user interface is for everyone. With One UI 4.1, you’ll get even more options to help you use your tablet in the way that’s most convenient for you.

  • Always there when you need it: Faster access to accessibility features with a floating button that’s always available.
  • Mouse gestures. Perform actions faster by moving the mouse pointer to one of the 4 corners of the screen.
  • Customize your screen right away: adjust the contrast and size at the same time as your custom display mode (high contrast or large display).
  • Eye Comfort: Additional visibility options are available to meet your needs. You can reduce the transparency or blur.
  • Very dim screen: If your screen is too bright, even at the lowest brightness setting, turn on “Extra Dimming” for more comfortable reading in the dark.
  • Customizable Flash Notifications: Set the screen to flash when you receive a notification. You customize colors on a per-app basis to easily identify where a notification is coming from.
  • Easier magnification: The Loupe window has been merged with the new Zoom menu, giving you more options and more control to zoom in on screen content.

Additional features and improvements

  • Improved Dark Mode: To help you feel comfortable in the dark, Dark Mode now automatically dims wallpapers and icons. The illustrations in Samsung apps now have dark mode versions with darker colors for a more consistent look and to protect your eyes.
  • Brief information about charging. When you start charging, various visual effects allow you to more intuitively determine the charging speed.
  • Easier brightness control: The large brightness bar on the Quick Access Toolbar makes it easy to change screen brightness with a single swipe.
  • Tips video preview: Learn more about what your Galaxy can do with a video preview on the home screen of the Tips app.
  • Security & Emergency Menu: The new Security & Emergency menu in Settings lets you manage your emergency contacts and safety information in one place.
  • Settings search improvements. Improved search features help you find the settings you need when you need them. You’ll get related feature suggestions depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Digital Wellbeing’s new driving monitor keeps track of when you use your phone while driving. You’ll get reports on how often you’ve used your tablet and what apps you’ve used.
  • Skip the alarm only once: want to sleep? Now you can turn off the alarm for only one occasion. It will automatically turn on after being skipped.
  • Day or night at a glance: do you have a friend on the other side of the world? It’s easier to see if it’s a good time to contact them. The dual clock widget now shows different background colors for each city depending on whether it is day or night.
  • Switch from text messages to calls: text messages do not help? Tap the person’s name at the top of the conversation to view their details or start a voice or video call.
  • Additional search results in messages. You can now search your messages for photos, videos, web links, and more. All results are filtered so you can jump straight to what you’re looking for.
  • Simplified search in “My files”: find the file you need, even if there is a typo or the name does not match exactly. The Recent Files area has also been expanded to help you quickly find files you’ve recently used or received.
  • A more complete desktop: Samsung DeX lets you resize more apps, so you can multitask and get more done throughout the day. You can also change the touchpad scroll direction in the DeX settings to suit your personal preferences.
  • Resizable Picture-in-Picture: If the floating video gets in the way, pinch your fingers together to make it smaller. Want to see more? Spread your fingers to make it bigger.
  • Quick access to popup options: For easier multitasking, you can pin the window options menu to the top of the window to make it easier to access.
  • Game Optimization Service: CPU/GPU performance will not be limited in the early stages of gameplay. (The performance management function based on device temperature will be retained.) “Alternate game performance management mode” in Game Booster will be provided.

If you’re a Galaxy Tab S6 user in the US and have Sprint and T Mobile models, you should get the update soon. You will receive an OTA update soon. If the notification doesn’t work, you can manually check for updates in Settings > Software Update . Be sure to make a full backup of your phone and charge it to at least 50%.

If you want to get the update immediately, you can also manually install the update using the firmware. You can download firmware from Frija tool, Samsung Firmware Downloader. If you are using one of the tools, enter your model and country code and upload the firmware. Once downloaded, you can flash the firmware using Odin Tool. Then flash the Galaxy Tab S6 firmware to your device.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box below. Also share this article with your friends.

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