MultiVersus Character Guide: Black Adam

I don’t know much about Black Adam. I know he looks like Evil Shazam, but even that’s not entirely accurate? This is the movie that no one likes. I used to even be a pretty avid DC comics fan, but my interests didn’t go far beyond Batman and Captain Carrot. But what I do know for sure is that Black Adam is a lot of fun to play in MultiVersus. I would say Taz is my True Maine, but Black Adam is second best. So I thought I’d share my approach in case it helps anyone curious but hesitant to commit.

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Black Adam is a Brute and one of the stockiest in his class. He doesn’t move very fast, but he hits very hard. He also has weird lightning abilities that give a lot of stealth potential, but less so if you’re not playing at a high level. Your main goal as Black Adam is to stay calm and take hits, using your mass to survive fights and your accuracy to turn opportunities into points.

Adam Bomba

Black Adam’s lightning power isn’t his main advantage, but it does help you contribute throughout the battle. You can harass players from a distance with a down attack and quickly hit aggressive air enemies (like Shaggy or Finn) with an air/down special attack. The Neutral Special Attack can be finicky, but it’s good for forcing dodges and jumps, and the Neutral Special Attack can be a great finishing move if you land a good shot. Don’t count on it though.

juggle wrestling

I mentioned precision before, and if you can cut down the time, Black Adam has some nasty juggling abilities. Your top neutral on the ground or in the air will catch people and hold them in place, then you can cancel the jump either to the other one or to the front air neutral (kind of a one-two uppercut). Exhaust your jumps and Black Adam becomes the special de facto third jump and you can take someone off the ground for a top knockout if things go your way.

air ace

While you can deal a lot of damage on the ground, Black Adam’s most reliable strikes are in the air. The chargeable air neutral attack has a long range and hits hard, the down air attack also has a wide hitting range (and a reverse sweet spot that can be awesome). With the other air moves mentioned above, it’s clear that Black Adam doesn’t need a bunch of corny flying moves like Superman to pose a threat from the ground.

About face

Black Adam’s biggest weakness is his side attack combo, which is generally the best way to deal damage quickly. Because Black Adam is slow, it’s hard to start a combo, and the third hit is a throw that knocks the victim back, requiring refocusing to follow up. If you can use them, they’re great for some serious damage, but you need to pay a lot more attention to what you’re doing than, say, Shaggy players hitting the same buttons.

When I play as Black Adam, this is my main concern. There’s room to experiment with the rest of his kit, and I’m sure the competitive sect of the MultiVersus community thinks I’m an idiot for rejecting it. But from a more casual perspective, you need to understand that you don’t have to be creative with lightning-fast tricks to knock people off the screen. Plus, this thumbs down taunt is the perfect way to end the round.

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