RTX 4090 FE: EKWB is already launching a waterblock for the card!

EKWB strikes fast and hard, completing the water block proposal. Indeed, the Slovenian brand has just announced a block for the recently announced RTX 4090 FE. Also, this small EK-Quantum Vector2 FE RTX 4090 D-RGB offers single slot format once installed!

RTX 4090 FE: EKWB already uses NVIDIA card water cooling!

In addition, the peculiarity of this version is that it offers the size of one slot after installation on the video card. Despite everything, the brand claims a good level of performance thanks to a network of microfins divided in two.

Otherwise, we find a nickel-plated copper construction for the base of the heatsink. The top will be optional acrylic or acetal with RGB LED lighting in all cases. Finally, a back panel is provided in all cases.

We end with a selling price of 241.92 euros in the brand’s store , regardless of the finish.

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