Russia requires 13 foreign technology companies to open offices in Russia by January 1, 2022

Russia has strict requirements for 13 foreign technology companies operating in Russia. These 13 foreign companies are made up primarily of US technology companies, which have a deadline set at the end of 2021.

The information was published on Monday evening on the website of Roskomnadzor, the state communications regulator, without precise information about what these firms should do. Technology firms must open a representative office, branch, or Russian legal entity for foreign individuals. In addition, these companies must add an electronic feedback form for Russian users on their websites.

These are the demands placed on the giant social media tech companies that have over half a million users on average daily, including Google Alphabet, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Apple, Zoom, Spotify, Viber, and more. Although Microsoft was not added to the list, the Redmond-based company has raised cybersecurity concerns with Russia.

These 13 companies must register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website to communicate with the authorities, and must also install an attendance counter. Roskomnadzor says firms that do not comply with this legislation may face data collection, money transfer restrictions and bans in Russia.