Russian equipment of the “Soldier of the Future” comes from … 2011

The Soldier of the Future set consists of roller boots and accessories that can be purchased at any military store.

Many stories have arisen around topics related to the equipment of Russian soldiers fighting against Ukrainians at the front. Actually, all of them can be summarized in a few words: the Russians are struggling with outdated, and often incomplete, stolen equipment , which they systematically lose.

How much truth is in the reports of Ukrainians regarding the technology of Russians? It turns out a lot. Recently, Pavel Kashchuk got acquainted with the “Soldier of the Future” kit and prepared the material on his YouTube channel.

Accessories included in the  Futuristic Antique Future Soldier set include a helmet, jackknife, watch and knee pads . Their quality is no different from the cheapest options in military stores. The commander’s tablet turned out to be the most advanced , as it would fit much better in an electronics museum than on a modern battlefield.

According to the Russians, the futuristic tablet dates back to 2011.

The tablet used by unit commanders is mainly used for reconnaissance in combat space and general reconnaissance of the area. It looks like it has an important function? That’s what it is. However, it turns out that the tablet used by the “soldiers of the future” to control the military is a 2011 Leica CS25 .

Leica CS25 tablet, 2011 (Source: Leica)

In the case of one of the cheapest tablets, it is difficult to talk about some great years – after all, there have never really been such. The Leica CS25 was originally a budget solution , not very popular due to poor performance. More than 10 years after the premiere of CS25, it is difficult to talk about any usefulness of this equipment .

The Leica CS25 tablet used by Russian military leaders is an Atom Z530 processor-based equipment with 2 GB of RAM, a resistive display and MS Windows 7.

The Ukrainian military notes that there is no place for such an ancient device for military operations . It is completely unsuitable for performing several tasks at the same time, because even with a simple check of the map, the tablet may freeze.

How do you assess the Russian technology presented in Kashchuk’s film? Total “amateur”, hasn’t the peak been reached yet?

Source: YouTube