Red Note is the biggest hit in Netflix history

Red Note is arguably the most watched movie in Netflix history by now. So far, the hit of 2018 has been Don’t Open Your Eyes.

One of the stars of the film Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reported the result on his Instagram. Such popularity of the name is a peculiar phenomenon. Red Note debuted on Netflix on November 12, so it took just over two weeks to climb to the top of the list.

Viewers around the world have already spent more time on Red Notice than on the most popular title so far. So far, Don’t Open Your Eyes has been a hit, starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich and Sarah Paulson, among others. According to a new system for measuring the popularity of production, 282 million hours were spent watching this film.

We’ll get the full Red Note stats tomorrow – Netflix has a weekly summary on Tuesdays. Until November 21, viewers have spent almost 278 million hours on this title, so the chances are high that the film will officially break the current record.