Red Dead Redemption remake getting closer? Take-Two is preparing “new versions” of the games

The Red Dead Redemption remake is becoming more and more real. The publisher of the game, Take-Two, is preparing new versions of its previously released productions.

The first RDR has been refreshed for a long time. So far, all leaks related to the game have turned out to be fakes or false rumors. Until now, there were no details about a possible remaster or remake.

Interestingly, as the GameRant website noted, the game publisher Rockstar itself somehow confirmed that John Marston’s renewed adventures actually have a chance to come into being. Take-Two Interactive confirmed at its conference that it is working on “new versions” of its titles. By the end of fiscal 2022, we are expected to see six such productions, and by the end of fiscal 2024, three more.

Surely one of them is GTA V next-genes. Moreover, Take-Two has a lot of studies under it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Rockstar games. However, looking at the publisher’s repertoire, it is difficult to select specific productions, apart from those from Rock Stars, which would need additional ports or refreshments.

Moreover, the Red Dead Redemption remake is also likely for another reason. Rockstar somehow left a door for such an eventuality in RDR2. In the game, we can visit a huge part of the map from RDR1, which has been renewed and transferred to a new production. In addition, RDR2 is a prequel, so the remaster would fit perfectly throughout the game and could easily be released with RDR2 on the next genes in the form of a package.

While there is still no official information about the RDR remake, its emergence is more and more likely. It remains to keep your fingers crossed that Take-Two will not plan instead to provide us with – for example – another simple remaster of older GTA games.