Developers of Microsoft Edge extensions can now respond to user reviews

While people have been able to rate and provide feedback on Microsoft Edge Extensions for quite some time, one feature that has been missing until today has been the ability for developers to respond to reviews. Microsoft has finally brought this feature to the Microsoft Partner Center, allowing Edge extension developers to interact directly with their customers.

Microsoft_Partner Center now includes a Feedback dashboard that will allow developers to view and respond to all feedback about their product. The developer’s response will also be displayed on the extension’s product details page.

While the change is certainly welcome, Microsoft is a bit late to the game. Back in 2015, Google made it possible for developers to respond directly to consumer reviews in the Chrome Web Store (its Chrome extension store) . Similarly, developers of Apple Safari extensions have been able to interact directly with customers through the App Store since 2017.

The ability to respond to customers should enable fruitful two-way communication. Developers will be able to interact with their customers to get more information, suggest workarounds to solve problems, or just say thank you, among other things. Meanwhile, consumers can leave their feedback knowing that the developer can interact with them directly. Since the feedback and responses will also be visible to the general public, these interactions will also increase transparency.

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