Game developers wanted the PS5 to have slower discs, while Sony offered “5-10 times faster speed.”

The PS5, along with the Xbox Series X and S, may differ from other consoles with fast solid state drives, resulting in faster boot times. It turned out that the developers were asking the PlayStation for much less.

The Wired channel has posted a video in which Mark Cerny, an architect from PlayStation, talks about the process of creating the PS5. He said that creators and developers from all over the world were consulted on an ongoing basis on the design of the equipment. However, even during the PS4 generation, they asked for a much faster drive. Cerny cited the example of Tim Sweeney, who can be counted among such people.

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, said hard drives are holding back the industry. (…) The developers requested an NVME solid state drive with a read speed of at least 1 GB per second, and we looked at it and chose five to ten times the speed.

Mark Cerny said in a piece published by Wired.

If it weren’t for the PS5’s SSD, the hardware definitely wouldn’t have sold as well as it does now. It is known that this is not the only advantage of the “five”, but without it the players would not have felt such a big leap from the old-gen. I have to admit that the incredibly fast load times, unnoticeable in many games (like the new Ratchet), is something amazing that was not possible to experience on consoles before.