Early review of Intel Core i7-12800HX mobile processor shows it outperforms Core i7-12700H in multi-core tests

Intel just announced its 12th Gen Core HX processors yesterday, but laptops with those chips have already fallen into the hands of reviewers. The first HX chip tested was the Core i7-12800HX, which according to the review is similar to the Core i7-12700H with better multi-core performance.

The first review is by the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack team (via VideoCardz ), who also shared a few photos of the BGA pack itself. In these photos, we can see that it looks pretty much the same as the Alder Lake-S LGA chassis of desktop processors.

The review used two Lenovo Y9000 laptops, one with a Core i7-12800HX and the other with an i7-12700H. In addition, each laptop is equipped with an RTX 3070 Ti mobile GPU and 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory. This way the comparison will be fair and the reviewer will be able to highlight the performance of the processor.

Single-core performance between the two chips in synthetic workloads was the same (0.59% difference). However, the HX chip was a clear winner in the multi-core tests, outperforming the i7-12700H by more than 15%. The reviewer also tested both systems in creation and production workloads, where the HX was only marginally faster than the other i7 processor.

In general, the HX-based system did not impress in games: in online games it performed about the same as a 12700H-based laptop, and in AAA games it was only 2.5% faster.