Raise Crops Crossword Clue

Raise Crops Crossword Clue

Crossword is an ever-popular word puzzle game where the goal is to fill out a sheet of words using clues to make guesses. It’s a fun pastime to be had over the morning coffee or on a short break from work and a great opportunity to learn something new. Some word puzzles can sometimes be problematic to solve, but never give up!

When looking to solve a word clue, always count your letters in the column. This trick will help you guess and see if you’re correct because some clues have varying lengths or multiple synonyms, like Cowardly Lion Actor Crossword Clue.

Raise Crops Crossword Clue Answer

The answer to the Raise Crops Crossword Clue is FARM (4 letters). If you need a nine-letter word, it could also be CULTIVATE (9 letters). This clue has appeared in most popular crossword online and in print publications like LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, and more.

Raise Crops Crossword Clue Answer Meaning

Farming is an activity that involves growing crops or raising livestock. It comes from the noun farm, a homestead typically designed to accommodate one or both activities.

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